How To Turn Your Tea Tree Oil Cologne Recipe Into a Love Potion

How To Turn Your Tea Tree Oil Cologne Recipe Into a Love Potion

Tea Tree Oil? Really?

Tea Tree Oil is widely known for its healing properties. I had never considered it as a cologne additive. I recently changed my mind.

couple-600Tea Tree Oil blends well with basil, bergamot, black pepper, chamomile german, clary sage, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, juniper, lavender, lemon, marjoram, nutmeg, oakmoss, oregano, peppermint, pine, ravensara, rosemary, thyme, ylang ylang which are frequently included in a manly cologne.

Every perfume consists of 3 scent levels, or “notes” which support each other and create the overall scent. Essential oils, classified as either top, middle or base notes, give each perfume its own special character. Here are a few of the basic terms:

Top note: This is the scent you notice first, but it doesn’t last long because it evaporates quickest. Top notes are a small portion of the final blend and include fresh, light citrus scents using such oils as bergamot, neroli, lemon, lime, rosemary, orange or mint.

Middle note: This links the base and top scents and determines the fragrance family. Middle notes include flowery essential oils, such as jasmine, rose germanium and ylang-ylang and tea tree oil.

Base note or fixative: This scent lasts the longest, adds fullness and carries the other scents. Derived from balsams, roots, resins and wood, bases include such oils as sandalwood, vetiver and patchouli and tend to be dark, heavy and sweet.


Tea Tree Oil has a spicy, camphorous, warm, fresh fragrance that is slightly medicinal. It contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It is known to be an immune system stimulant and is uplifting, purifying, and cleansing. Tea tree oil is a quintessential addition to use in a diffuser, during facials, in a compress, in lotion, during massage, cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles and in baths.

Perfume Recipe for a Woodsy Man’s Cologne

You’ll need:

A 1-ounce spray OR roll on bottle
1 ounce of sweet almond oil OR witch hazel
1/2 tsp vegetable glycerine
12 drops of cedarwood atlas essential oil
12 drops of tea tree oil
12 drops of sweet orange essential oil

For a spray cologne: Combine the essential oils and vegetable glycerin with 1 ounce of witch hazel in a glass spray bottle.

For a roll-on cologne: Combine the essential oils and vegetable glycerine with 1 ounce of sweet almond oil in a glass roll on.

This is just one of many combinations you can make for a Woodsy Manly Cologne.

Experiment with different oils.

Here is a nice basic sampler of oils. You can purchase the kit of 6 for $14.95 or individually at a special price for $4.99  (see below)

If you’re making your own formulas, you’re going to need some supplies to finish the job.

Check out our supplies (below), including: Pocket Atomizers, Roll-Top bottles and more!

The set includes Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint oils. Use them on their own, or in your homemade perfumes, colognes, or aromatherapy.

How to Pick the Perfect Perfume and Smell Great!

The right fragrance. Your body produces natural fragrances that can increase your physical attractiveness. But to accentuate it, you can also use colognes that complement your body’s fragrance and make you smell more sexually attractive.

What makes this recipe into a Love Potion?

This recipe on its own will not have women falling all over themselves but pairing it with one of these unscented pheromone products as a pleasant natural cover scent will.

Pheromones are a great way to build confidence, keep people’s attention in social situations, and attract sexual partners. These unscented pheromones for men allow you to combine all of the great benefits of pheromones with any fragrance you want!

Mix your favorite cologne with one or more of these unscented pheromone products such as Chikara Unscented for Men, Alpha-7 Unscented, and Liquid Trust and experience the power of pheromones without changing the way you smell.

One final note: if you are going to use essential oils as pairings for our pheromone blends, please keep safety in mind. You should never put undiluted essential oils right on your skin, as doing so can cause a bad reaction similar to an allergic reaction that will come back every time you have contact with that oil (or even the plant it comes from) again. Always mix them, in appropriate proportions, with a carrier oil before application. We want you to be safe and happy! Read up on the use of essential oils in perfumes before getting started.

Ingredients List for your Love Potion

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Alpha-7 Unscented Pheromones contain no added scent, but should be combined with any of your favorite colognes for the best effect, as even unscented pheromones have a slight musky scent. Be careful with these pheromones, as they are very powerful! Only a couple drops are necessary to get the attention you’re looking for.
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Pheromone Content:

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Liquid Trust can also be combined with any of our pheromone products to help you gain the trust of others after they’ve been drawn to the scent of your pheromones. Many customers like to combine Liquid Trust with our popular Alpha-7 or Scent of Eros Pheromones. Try it out and see for yourself!
Liquid Trust comes in a 1/4 oz spray bottle. Refrigerate between uses for the best results.

orange-sweet-essential-oilOrange Sweet Essential Oil possesses a sweet, fresh, fruity, rich scent and is ideal for blends. The oil is relaxing, reduces nervous tension, is uplifting, and soothing. Use in a diffuser, massage, bath, perfume, flower water, and as a food flavoring.


witch-hazel-extractWitch-hazel extract Witch-hazel extract to inhibit sweating: Witch-hazel extract is derived from the plant’s bark, twigs and leaves. It inhibits inflammation, absorbs oil and is mildly astringent. With regular use it constricts skin pores and thus reduces excessive sweat formation. Organic Witch Hazel Extract is a potent astringent, helping to tone skin and minimize appearance of pores. It is useful in fighting acne and speeding the recovery of other skin ailments. High in tannic acids, it is soothing to minor skin irritations and inflammation.

vegetable-glycerineOrganic Vegetable Glycerine is an amazing product. Its unusual combination of properties has made it useful in a wide variety of applications including helps preserve the fragrance of perfume.


cedarwood-atlas-essential-oilCedarwood Atlas Essential Oil (Morocco) This oil has a rich aromatic scent that is particularly pleasing in skin formulations. In addition, the respiratory effects of Cedarwood are remarkable and it is also an excellent insect repellent.


tea-tree-essential-oilTea Tree Essential Oil, Organic (Australia) Tea Tree Essential Oil has a spicy, camphorous, warm, fresh fragrance that is slightly medicinal. It contains antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, and antifungal properties. It is known to be an immune system stimulant and is uplifting, purifying, and cleansing. Use in a diffuser, during facials, in a compress, in lotion, during massage, and in baths.

sweetalmond-refined-4ozSweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed into the skin, making it a popular carrier oil. It is often used as an ingredient in skin care products and soaps because of its stable properties and lathering capabilities.


702921553916aThis starter kit offers six 10 ml bottles of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The oils come packaged in a sleek black box and make a perfect gift.

Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils 100% Pure & Therapeutic grade – Basic Sampler Gift Set & Premium Kit – 6/10 Ml (Lavender, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, Lemongrass) by Zellous

Essential oils are aromatic compounds found naturally in plants. They have been used in aromatherapy for centuries, and are also frequently used in both commercial and homemade perfumes and colognes.

This set includes Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, and Peppermint oils. Use them on their own in your homemade perfumes, colognes, or aromatherapy, or pair with one of our unscented pheromone products as a pleasant natural cover scent.

51_large-pocket-atomizers_High-quality  refillable metal shell Pocket atomizers, 5ml. Our Large Pocket Atomizers can be used over and over to hold and dispense your own pheromone potions.


124_4ml-roll-top-bottle_Our Pheromone 5 ml Roll Top Glass Bottles are very compact, less than half the size of a bottle of Scent of Eros Pheromones, these roll top bottles are excellent for carrying pheromone mixtures.

Our 5ml Pheromone capacity comes with either a silver or gold cap. Our Roll Top Pheromone Bottles are especially good for oily mixtures that don’t work well with an atomizer.









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