Chervil an Herb for Vitality

Chervil an Herb for Vitality

Chervil for tiredness.

Chervil for vitality, chervil for tiredness

Using Chervil for vitality is an excellent way of reawakening the spirits and decreasing tiredness. This herb will help to stimulate digestion and waste removal in a slow-acting and gentle nature. Therefore it is best to use it over a long period of time — every day for at least 2 months. Chop the leaves and scatter them over bread or hot, steamed vegetables. You can, if you wish, add them to your salads as well.

Most modern folk remedies use chervil tea as a spring and fall blood-purifying tonic because chervil stimulates the appetite, acts as a mild diuretic and is warming. The seventeenth-century herbalist Culpepper and the Roman scholar Pliny would agree with this modern application; they both suggest using chervil to “warm and please cold stomachs.” Chervile was used even more broadly in the Middle Ages, when this member of the Umbelliferae family became a mainstay for treating weakness that often comes with old age, memory loss, “women’s troubles” and the black plague.

Therapeutic Effect: Chervil stimulates circulation, purifies the blood and urine and will promote sweating. Digestive complaints can be reduced because of the essential oils found in chervil. Together with bitters, the oils have a positive effect on the gall bladder and will promote the secretion of gastric juices. Tea made from the leaves stimulates the kidney and metabolism.


In addition to essential oils and bitters, chervil contains a great deal of vitamin C as well as provitamin A, very important nutrients for vision. However the body can make use of this only if supplied with fat at the same time. Chervil is also rich in minerals — chiefly iron, which is important for the production of blood, and calcium and magnesium, which are necessary for muscle and nerve function.

EXTRA TIP – If you want a supply of vitamins and minerals that lasts from May through December, you can easily grow chervil in a pot or balcony container. Remember that for the seed to germinate successfully it needs a temperature of below 59°F.

Chervil Kitchen Hints

Despite its long history as a medicinal herb, chervil shines best in the kitchen. Its slightly sweet flavor has a faint anise scent, making it ideal for adding depth to soups, sauces and potato and egg dishes.

Chervil tastes considerably better in the spring and summer months because the leaves are more tender and have a richer aroma than other months of the year when its fragrance fades.

The aroma of chervil is enjoyed and appreciated most when used in creamy sauces or spreads.

Scatter chervil over salads or cream soups as a savory addition, or use it to garnish your favorite dish, as you would parsley.

To preserve its flavor, never cook chervil along with the rest of the dish — always add it at the end of the cooking time. Otherwise, the fine aroma and its many valuable nutrients will be lost.

The herb tastes best when the stems are no longer that 4 in. Therefore, you should continually re-seed the herb when growing it in our own garden so that you can harvest young, tender shoots at any time.

Chervil slightly resembles the more common parsley but adds a finer flavor. You can substitute one for the other any tome one is unavailable. Mixed with other herbs, chervil enhances their flavor.

Chervil keeps poorly. It stores best when added to butter and kept cold or frozen. It does not dry very well.

Buy Chervil At Starwest Botanicals

Latin Name: Anthriscus cerefolium
Anthriscus cerefolium is the Latin botanical name of the plant that produces culinary chervil. We directly source this delicious herb from our supplier in France, and then we process our Chervil Leaf in house in order to verify that quality controls are in place.

French cooks have long used Chervil Spice when cooking soups, omelettes and salads, favoring its lightly anise-like flavor. It is one of the components of fines herbes, a French herb blend. It can be used in a number of recipes to season chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables, as well as soups, salad dressings and sauces. The herb can be used to spice up potato salad, risotto, and curried dishes. This flavoring can also be added to soft cheeses to impart its delicate and delicious taste. The flavor of meats can be improved with an herb and spice rub, and Chervil works well in this use.When you buy Chervil from Starwest, you can be assured that as a certified bulk dried herbs and spice processor with a commitment to bringing our customers value, Starwest Botanicals offers only the finest dried herbs at the best prices with outstanding customer service and a full satisfaction guarantee.

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