The Magic of Calendula Ointment

The Magic of Calendula Ointment

Nature’s Remedies  Calendula Ointment.

calendula ointment bannerThis natural skin remedy is prepared from the golden flowers of the calendula plant, which has been used for medicinal purposes since the sixteenth century. To create the calendula ointment, an oil-based infusion is produced from the flower petals and then mixed with a base. This essential oil has wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it has carotenoids which can help to regenerate skin cells. As a result, calendula ointment is useful for treating skin wounds and inflammation, as well as frostbite. However, because of its oil content, it should not be used for burns. The therapeutic remedy is sold ready-made at Natural Health stores or can be prepared at home. To use, apply a thin layer to affected areas of the skin several times a day.

Homemade Calendula Ointment

Infuse about a half cup dried, powdered calendula flowers into 1 cup olive oil and soak for 14 days; strain well and refrigerate. (Be sure to buy Calendula and not the American marigold Tagetes.) If you would prefer a salve instead, add 1 ounce beeswax to half to three quarter cup oil and half a cup of calendula flowers.

Calendula Ointment

Therapeutic effect

Calendula Ointment has two principal effects on skin wounds.

  • First, it acts as a natural antibiotic to kill germs, thereby cleansing the wound and helping to prevent infection.
  • Second, it promotes blood cell growth in regenerating skin tissue, speeding the healing process and helping to minimize the formation of scars.


Calendula ointment contains volatile constituents, yellow-orange carotenoids and other natural pigments, flavonoids, saponins, alcohols, enzymes and various organic acids. Depending on the manufacturer, store-bought products may contain additional substances.

Ready-made preparations

pt_elma16 calundula ointment

This therapeutic oil is very versatile, as it not only alleviates pain and itching, but also provides relief from burning sensations. At the same time, Elma 16 Cold Sore Oil reduces the healing period by about 50 percent. It is a novel, over-the-counter (non-prescription) cold sore remedy based on calendula stem cells that alleviates pain immediately.

Elma 16 Cold Sore Oil is a safe treatment that prevents and shields as well as alleviates cracked, chapped or wind-burned skin as well as lips. This therapeutic oil is loaded with various herbs, vitamins as well as many natural topicals. This oil contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil and other natural substances.

This oil is an exceptional and compact skin recovery remedy in a jar. Elma 16 Cold Sore Oil contains a new potent formula  that combines the most up-to-date science along with the best quality, naturally available, organic ingredients that ensure best possible results.

Treatment of chapped skin and cold sores (ABOVE)

Calendula ointment helps moisturize and heal chapped or cracked skin and lips. It may be a particularly effective remedy against cold sores. These painful sores, also known as fever blisters, appear on the lips and are caused by a type of herpes virus.

calendula ointment

Extra tip

To ensure a ready supply of fresh ointment simply refrigerate small amounts of the olive oil infusion – the oil in the ointment without the beeswax and cocoa butter – in covered containers, the oil will keep for more than a year.

Used to speed healing of cuts and scrapes, skin inflammations, frostbite, bruises, sprains, eczema and scars.

Methods of Administration

For varicose veins

Gently apply calendula ointment to affected areas twice a day. The ointment promote blood circulation and helps speed healing.

Warning: To avoid damaging fragile veins to not rub or massage the ointment into affected areas. Instead, gently spread a thin layer of ointment over the affected sections.

For bed sores

If you are confined to bed for a long time, sores (decubitus ulcers) often develop, especially in the area of the heels, elbows, collarbone and tail bone. To help them heal, gently rub the ointment into the bed sore several times a day. If necessary, cover the sorts with gauze or bandages.

For nail infections

The ointment’s anti-inflammatory and germ-killing actions are very useful for infections of the nail bed. Apply the ointment directly to the affected area several times a day.

Healing of Wounds

Calendula ointment may help with:

  1. Cuts or abrasions that are already scabbed over, but have a light rose-colored border, indicating possible infection.
  2. Skin wounds that are superficially inflamed.
  3. Wounds that are discharging pus.
  4. Painful areas of the skin or lips that are dry, cracked and highly sensitive.
  5. Athlete’s foot or other fungal skin infections.






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