Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper were not always recognized.

When Columbus brought peppers back to Europe, they were popular as ornamental plants. Their medicinal effects were not discovered by the Old World until later, and for a long time medical practitioners still warned against eating cayenne pepper.

They typically chose to apply it only externally to stimulate circulation in the skin and soothe symptoms of sciatica or rheumatism.

Today, many naturopaths use cayenne pepper to stimulate digestion and the circulatory system.

Therapeutic Effect: Cayenne is a potent stimulant for the whole body and is especially useful for aiding digestion, normalizing circulation, toning the nervous system and relieving pain and inflammation. The capsaicin contained in the peppers promotes the secretion of important digestive enzymes; formation of saliva increases tenfold! Cayenne is often blended with other herbs to enhance their medicinal action.


Cayenne contains a great deal of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which is converted into vitamin A in the body and is important to eyesight. In terms of the healing arts, the pepper’s most important component is capsaicin, an alkaloid. Cayenne pepper also contains essential oils , which are responsible for stimulating the skin, as well as for the spice’s appetizing color and aroma. Therapeutically, use uncooked cayenne, either fresh or dries, because it is less irritating than cooked cayenne pepper.


To ease arthritic joints with heat, mix 3 tbsp. of white flour with 1 tsp. of olive oil and 1 tsp. ground cayenne pepper. Add water to make a paste. Layer a piece of cloth, the plaster and another piece of cloth on the skin. Leave on until the skin reddens and feels quite warm.

Help for Fever

The Indians in Central and South America use cayenne pepper in a spicy tea to help combat fever and colds. Add a pinch of cayenne pepper to 1 cup of prepared herbal tea (chamomile or fennel) and stir briskly. rink as hat as possible, and follow with bed rest. The stimulating, sweat-inducing effect of the cayenne pepper will help the fever to battle toxins.

Help for your heart

I am glad I found out that I can get Cayenne pepper in capsule form, rather than the powder that I had been taking. Cayenne Pepper Capsules are so convenient.

Cayenne Pepper Kitchen Hints

Cayenne pepper goes with meat sauces, goulash, fish, shellfish and woups and vegetable dishes.

Because cayenne is such a hot pepper, it should be simmered for quite a while, allowing it time to blend with the other flavors. The heat resides mainly in the little white seeds and in the robs inside the pepper. Use the whole pepper to make a fiery dish, but for a milder result, remove its insides.

When cleaning the peppers, be sure not to touch your eyes or any mucous membranes, as severe burns could result; use gloves.

If you cook something too spicy, make it milder by adding coconut milk, noodles or  potatoes.

A burning mouth need not be the result of eating cayenne peppers. Try munching on a slice of bread, some coconut or a bit of salt to reduce the sting. Grabbing a cold drink, such as mineral water or juice, will not help.

The cayenne pepper spice contains primarily dried, ground chili peppers. Chili powder contains other spices and additives. Very spicy “hot” sauce is made of chili peppers, vinegar and salt.

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